Here are ten suggestions that will give you an advantage during the next incident, be it large or small, that can ease the transition from chaos to order.

from chaos to order

Why is it that communications always seem to fail when we need it most?

Our greatest challenge as public safety communications and operations professionals is to train the way we fight, right? So why is "failure of communications" still among the top three items listed at an average After Action Review? Because we haven't learned it yet.

I am not talking about the physical failure of the infrastructure due to some sort of man-made or natural disaster. I am talking about the human element that time and time again compromises both responder and public safety because we get outside our comfort zones and panic.

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TOP left photo:

"One of Our Own Loses Out" – High Park Fire, 6/17/12. Fire blows out near Masonville, CO. One of the IMT's members lost his house during this event. He was amazingly matter-of-fact about it, but it still had to hurt nonetheless. By Mark Hall.

TOP right photo:

"High Park from North Bald Mountain" – High Park Fire, 6/23/12. Typical linked repeater setup atop North Bald Mountain west of Red Feather Lakes, CO. Had a bit of a concern when the helicopter wouldn't start up at first. Pain in the neck to get AAA up there for a jump start. By Mark Hall.

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